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The big day is almost here. After two years of racing around, you can finally slow down and appreciate it. Three years ago, you were cramming for the GMAT and wondering where you wanted to be and what you wanted to do. Now, you’re heading to your dream job (or going full force into your startup).

It wasn’t easy. A two-year vacation, some say? That’s only if your idea of leisure is reading case-after-case. And those projects weren’t arcane simulations, either – companies are actually using them as models. Whether you planned campus events, trekked across the globe, or dominated the competition circuit, these were special times. You learned to question with purpose and perform with poise. And you built a community of friends and advocates as you stretched your limits. Congratulations, Class of 2015! Welcome to being an alumni – and all the privileges and responsibilities it entails.

Commencement means beginning. And a staple of every graduation speech is that the ceremony is just the start of your journey. From here on, your commence speaker will say, your real learning really begins. And they would know. For many speakers, graduation is a homecoming.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
History of Writing 00:45:00
Writing Systems Introduction 00:55:00
Section 2: Types of Systems
Neolithic writing FREE 00:40:00
Logographies 00:30:00
Writing Alphabets 00:20:00
Section 3: Composition
Writing Composition 00:30:00
Creation of written information 00:45:00
Final Quiz 00:05:00

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